make your own kind of music...

nobody can tell ya
theres only one song worth singing'...
... you've gotta make your own kind of music
sing your own special song
make our own kind of music
even if nobody else sings along
                              - the mammas and the papas


1411 DESIGNS X ROCKERBANDS // make your own kind of music

Sparkles to spikes...there's something for everyone. Give the perfect one of a kind gift to your favorite someone...or better yet, yourself!
Snag your perfect presents today...Fourteen Eleven Designs // Rockerbands 

wanderlust concho, coin & tassel necklace, pocket knife necklace,
gypsy road coin choker, vintage crosses & treasures necklace, wanderlust concho & coin necklace, gypsy queen coin head chain, triple bullet choker, the traveller coin necklace, single bullet earring & cuff, amethyst amulet, 7 stone & bullet necklace, mookaite amulet,
hematite long amulet  // Fourteen Eleven Designs

metallica halter, AC/DC fringed halter, spiked hat, studded fur hats, heart concho chokers,
skull handchains, chains & spikes chokers, studs & spiked bracelets, spiked hand chain,
chain & concho boot buckles   // Rockerbands

voodoo chile choker, the golden road layered collar, vintage cross and bullet necklace, blue larimar rosary necklace, rose gold hand chain, dew on the spider's web hand chain, leather harness, silver lining breastplate necklace, gypsy heart head chain , 3 chain collar, chain bra,  // Fourteen Eleven Designs

golden turban, peach & red studded bustiers, concho choker, studded & spiked bracelets, skull hand chains, boot buckles // Rockerbands

1411 DESIGNS X ROCKERBANDS // make your own kind of music

models – Vanessa Micheli & Melinda Sabina
photography – Kendi Sullinger (Fourteen Eleven Designs)
Styling – Danielle Napolitano (Rockerbands)
mua & hair - Kendi Sullinger

Fourteen Eleven Designs // Rockerbands