Shooting live music has a special place in my heart. Of my many creative endeavors, It has made me the least amount of money...and probably cost me the most. But I love it and it makes me happy, so who cares right? 

In a high school photography class we had an assignment to choose a photography book and write a book report on it. While I was browsing the library, I came across Fuck You Heros by Glenn E. Friedman. I picked it up, at first purely because I was a punk high school kid and saw the word FUCK in the title, but I instantly fell in love with his images of live bands. They really captured the feeling of a show for me - frozen moments in time that still held the energy of the performance for the viewer. I've been tryin to do the same ever since! So thanks Mr. Friedman for being so inspiring to me and to Ms Holjes for making me do a book report, and for inadvertently leading me to one of my favorite subject matter! 

I am still so estatic that I was able to shoot the Lagwagon show at Beachside Tavern October 27th! It was kind of surreal having the opportunity to shoot a band that I've been listening to since high school, let alone seeing them at a smaller, more intimate setting! Hopefully these images do justice to the amazing performances of Lagwagon, Pears and The Runaway Kids! 

(if you're like me, you've skipped all of the writing to look at the pics, but I was in a writing mood for once!) anyways.....on to the pics