S/S ‘19 (Anti)Fashion Installment - Downtown Arts Collective, Orlando FL

I had the honor to lend some of my creations to Haley Mary Patricia McCormick to be a part of her S/S ‘19 (Anti)Fashion Installation at the Downtown Arts Collective in Orlando, FL. Of course I couldn’t help but take some pics! ;)

Dear Performer,

You are now a transporter. You have emptied your emotion before stepping onto the threshold of (anti)fashion. The fabric structures that conform around your being are now the subject of your emotion; You Must Let It Surface. Reinvent yourself through the only thing you have always known; the constant, A Necessity, Clothing.

Everything that Fashion could prosper as, can be seen during this seasons S/S ‘19 (Anti)Fashion Installment. Expose yourself and prosper.

When you do this, you will be set free.


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