blame it on the rain...

I was supposed to be shooting this pretty little lady today...but nature decided we need some rain instead...more like A LOT of today I am inside and in front of the computer.

Here are a couple of images of miss Vanessa, from a shoot I did for Flaunt Vehicles out of New Smyrna Beach, Florida! You can check them out HERE or hit them up on instagram or twitter - @FlauntVehicles

model - Vanessa Micheli
photography – Kendi Sullinger (Fourteen Eleven Designs)
Styling – Danielle Napolitano (Rockerbands)
mua  - Danielle Napolitano
hair - Kendi Sullinger


running free...

key to her heart choker, vintage cross & bullet necklace, hematite amulet necklace // Fourteen Eleven Designs

studded choker, studded bracelets & cuffs, clear double wrap spike bracelet, sequined heart bikini top // Rockerbands

choker, vintage cross & rosary necklace, blue larimar & religious treasures necklace, rosary body chain // Fourteen Eleven Designs

jewelled black velvet turban, spiked choker, smiley crocheted bikini top, spiked bracelets & cuffs // Rockerbands

the traveller coin necklace, short & long wanderlust necklaces, the traveller coin handchain // Fourteen Eleven Designs

studded hair wrap, spiked choker with chains, studded lace bustier, spiked bracelets & cuffs // Rockerbands

triple bullet choker, traveler 3 coin & bullet necklace, wanderer 6 coin armour necklace, traveler coin hand chain, bullet hand chain // Fourteen Eleven Designs

clear spike choker, velvet halter, spiked bracelets & cuffs // Rockerbands


model – Madison Wyborny
photography – Kendi Sullinger (Fourteen Eleven Designs)
Styling – Danielle Napolitano (Rockerbands)
mua & hair - Kendi Sullinger

Fourteen Eleven Designs // Rockerbands