FOURTEEN ELEVEN is a culmination of the many creative interests of Florida based artist Kendi Sullinger. Working within the disciplines of photography, design and mixed media for much of her career, she decided to follow her longtime love of sculpture and hand crafted goods to delve into jewelry design in 2012. Her early pieces showed her appreciation of the past by incorporating many pieces of salvaged vintage jewelry and other elements, such as world coins and miniature pocketknives, she picked up at various markets and sales. A few years later, her passion to create pushed her to study the art of metal smithing and soon she was able to have full creative freedom with her designs. Her handcrafted pieces continue to honor the past through salvaged elements and use of ancient symbolism, while looking towards the future with an evolving style and the creation of one of a kind pieces meant to create a history all of their own. You can find her current and past work through her website and see new concepts and work through her Instagram @1411Designs.

With the strong belief that everyone must work to reverse the damaging affects of humanity on our planet, Kendi is constantly striving to learn and modify her studio practices to be as green and wasteless as possible. She works with recycled and salvaged silver, in addition to salvaged or repurposed components whenever possible. Fourteen Eleven packaging is also compostable and is created with recycled materials.



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